Shoulder Sprain and Stretched Brachial Plexus

In December 2006, I fell off a ladder changing a light bulb,  and injured my left arm.

Two days later, after having constant pain in my left rib cage and under my arm, and numbness and tingling in my left thumb, I went to the hospital. The pain, numbness and tingling, and arm weakness got so bad, I had to stop working. I could not lift my arm to shoulder height without a great deal of pain and numbness and tingling. I could not lift anything more than 20 pounds.
In January 2007, I got an MRI of my neck. I was prescribed pain medications and physical therapy. After 2 months, nothing was better. In March 2007, I got another MRI and doctors thought I had a sprained shoulder and stretched brachial plexus. By mid-April 2007, I still wasn’t any better.

Finally, I was referred to Dr. Wellens by a friend of mine who was making the trip from San Francisco to Walnut Creek for her myasthenia gravis. I decided that it might be worth the trip. After 2 visits, I had much less pain everywhere!!! After the 3rd visit, I only had pain in one tiny area on my arm, I had much better range of motion, I slept better, I was stronger, and I was no longer taking any pain medications!!!

I am feeling so much better, I will be going back to work!!! Now I know why so many patients drive far and wide to see Dr. Wellens.

San Francisco, CA