Dystonia almost destroyed my life!

February 2014

Dr. Wellens gave me a glimpse of hope and then gave me my life back!
One day changed my entire life. I collapsed on the job, unable to communicate, and experienced full body convulsions, causing difficulty breathing and what appeared to be seizures. Extensive laboratory and diagnostic testing followed, with no abnormalities found. My symptoms persisted over the next 5 months and included: severe and painful muscle spasms of my entire body lasting from minutes to many hours, difficulty breathing, chest pain, loss of the ability to speak, facial drooping, loss of muscle control and ability to walk, difficulty swallowing, collapsing for no apparent reason, severe pain like an electrical energy running through my body, excruciating headaches, and at times, loss of vision. Many times the symptoms were so severe, ambulance and ER visits were required. No one had any answers. I would be sent home with strong medication and told to rest.

After 5 months with no answers, I was on disability, homebound, and frequently wheelchair bound. Just taking a shower and dressing could take hours to recover. I had lost control over my body and sometimes I thought I might lose my life. I also heard the dreaded scapegoat, “maybe it is just psychological.” Was I losing my mind?

Then while continually searching for answers, I was referred to Dr. Wellens. On my first visit, I came by wheelchair. Within minutes of evaluating me, Dr. Wellens was able to reproduce some of my severest symptoms, right there in his office, and then make the symptoms better. Could this be possible? I finally found someone who knew what they were doing and he assured me that he could help. Hope had come into the picture and that hope was Dr. Wellens. Over the next year and a half what had almost destroyed me, was carefully treated and symptoms began to improve and disappear.

The treatment initially involved neurological re-training exercises and then moved to spinal adjustments. I was so severe that I required visits 3 times per week and often the symptoms became worse before they improved. Dr. Wellens always assured me that he would only proceed if he could truly help me.

Three months after Dr. Wellens began treatment, I was able to return to work with modified duties, and nine months later I returned to work full-time. The wheelchair is but a distant memory. I am currently seeing him 2-3 times per month for tune-ups. My symptoms are now mild and manageable, and the severe symptoms are non-existent!

There are not enough words to express the deep gratitude in my heart. Dr. Wellens is an expert who is kind, patient, extremely knowledgeable, and never, ever gives up on you. He is a testament to a provider who has a very special skill in neurological and spinal rehabilitation and who takes great pride and care in each and every one of his patients.

I now refer friends, family, and acquaintances that have undiagnosed or untreated neurological and spinal problems. I have heard the testimony of many others who have been assisted by Dr. Wellens and his exceptional care has allowed them the ability to return to a functional life with hope.

Dr. Wellens you are a miracle healer! I am forever grateful.