Motor Vehicle Accidents


In a February 2005 issue of a peer-reviewed medical and science research journal [Spine Journal], researchers determined that “disability [secondary to a motor vehicle accident] appears unrelated to the severity of the collision.” Researchers also noted that “there is evidence that duration of disability from whiplash is unrelated to the degree of trauma.”

These authors are saying that no matter how minor the car damage might be, or how little trauma you think you suffered, you may still be in danger of forming a long-term and chronic disability. Many of these disabilities are slow to develop and may go unnoticed by a person for many months.

Some of these disabilities may include: neck and back pain, pain radiating into the arms and/or legs, headaches, dizziness, balance disorders, nausea, neck and back tightness and/or spasms, muscle weaknesses, feelings of tiredness, losses of concentration and/or attention capabilities, and other musculoskeletal and neurological disabilities that interfere with work and play.

Examinations by Dr. Wellens are designed to evaluate all aspects of human function. An examination can help to ensure that all disabilities, no matter how minor, are addressed.

Wellens Chiropractic Neurology Center has knowledgeable and experienced office staff who can help you to verify the benefits you might be entitled to whether the accident was your fault or not.

Work Related Injuries

Dr. Wellens has helped many patients through the Worker’s Compensation system, and stays up-to-date on all of the changes in this system through his position as Treasurer of the California Chiropractic Association – Contra Costa Chapter. Dr. Wellens and his staff protect the rights of injured workers while providing a treatment care plan designed to return the injured worker back to their profession.

Personal Injury

Dr. Wellens provides a complete and objective orthopedic, neurological, and radiographic examination on all patients. This provides the basis for which individualized treatment programs are created, and focused treatment is rendered. Patient injuries are well documented by Dr. Wellens, and liens can be taken on a case-by-case basis.

Sports Injury

As an avid outdoors person, basketball player, and former top-ranked junior tennis player in Florida with scholarship offers, Dr. Wellens understands the mechanisms behind sports injuries. He utilizes this experience in the diagnosis and treatment of all sports-related injuries. Dr. Wellens creates individualized athletic rehabilitation programs designed to return an athlete to pre-injury status and provide care which will help to prevent future re-injury. Dr. Wellens has treated athletes at all levels, from the recreation level to the professional level, and has treated athletes of all ages.

Video Nystagmography

Dr. Wellens utilizes Video Nystagmography (VNG) testing in the assessment and rehabilitation of balance and vestibular dysfunctions. Micromedical Technologies, Inc. ( has stated that “Cerebellum-Vestibular dysfunction is the underlying cause of many conditions, including learning disabilities, phobias, anxiety, scoliosis, movement disorders, and brain injury.

New protocols in diagnosis and treatment are being developed today, and many focus on the accepted understanding of central control mechanisms involved in movement, balance, and posture. As a board certified chiropractic neurologist, Dr. Wellens has completed hundred of hours of post-doctorate study in the utilization of VNG.

Diet / Nutrition / Supplementation

Dr. Wellens utilizes his 16 years of experience in food and nutrition to counsel his patients in achieving optimal health and performance through proper diet, nutrition, and supplementation. He has experience along a great spectrum, from those who want to lose weight to athletes who want to maximize their performance. Specific testing of blood, hair, nail, and skin is completed through Great Smokies Laboratories.

Personalized Health and Wellness Program

Dr. Wellens has created a Personalized Health and Wellness Program utilizing various forms of data obtained during his assessment of one’s nervous system and musculoskeletal function. This program is designed to enable any person to maximize their health in the hopes of correcting and preventing disease and dysfunction.

Optimal human function is achieved through chiropractic care and proper recommendations related to health, wellness, nutrition, and supplementation.

Personalized Athletic Performance Program

Dr. Wellens utilizes his knowledge and experience to create sport-specific athletic performance programs for athletes at all levels and all age ranges. These programs are designed to: optimize and maximize athletic performance, aid in the prevention of injuries, increase flexibility and stamina, strengthen and improve sport-specific biomechanics, increase reaction times, and facilitate quick and full recovery in athletes who have been injured.

Dr. Wellens also utilizes his background in neurology to improve neurological function in regard to: timing, coordination, balance, speed, quickness, concentration, focusing, and other elements that help to place athletes in “the zone.