Care for Raynaud’s Disease

Ever since I was a teenager, I have suffered from Raynaud’s disease.

Raynaud’s is a disorder that causes constriction of the vessels that supply blood to the skin. A Raynaud’s reaction is most often triggered by cold or stressful conditions. It most commonly affects fingers and toes.
In past years, there were many times when I could hardly walk down the frozen food section at the grocery store without my fingers hurting, and turning white. Exercising outdoors, sometimes even during nice weather, would cause my fingers and toes to turn white and to go numb.
Until I met Dr. Wellens, I wasn’t aware that anything could be done to help control the Raynaud’s reactions. Dr. Wellens talked to me about chiropractic neurology and how I could benefit from adjustments. After only a few visits, I started to notice that I was having fewer Raynaud’s reactions. Now, I am pleased to say that my Raynaud’s is well under control.

Walnut Creek, CA